How ION Helped European Car Maker Upgrade and Electrify Its Iconic Model


A popular European car maker who leads the customized car market segment with the ‘iconic’ design and proposition, felt the need to ‘upgrade’ & electrify the iconic car that appeals to the new generation.

The customer has spent over 30 years in the maintenance and restoration of classic off-road compact cars and SUVs. Armed with the expertise in restoring, building, and customizing cars, they wished to make an integral change to the car that could also completely transform the customer experience. ​

To make cars that contributed to a more sustainable future, without making any changes to the design, they felt that with the right technology and a partner with the right expertise, they could pursue the goal of building 100% electric cars.

With a goal to make or get complete control over every part of the design process (and the battery), the customer wanted to make brand new components and not retrofit existing components in the car.

Customer Testimonial

“We are extremely impressed with ION’s platform’s versatility and capabilities. They have been with us since the beginning and were instrumental in the successful launch of our two new electric cars. ​ION has made the end of line QA testing really easy for us and their ability to log every critical metric was a huge advantage. Their platform is a must-have for every electric vehicle maker.”

Find out how ION helped the European carmaker to electrify its iconic model.