How ION Helped European Car Maker Upgrade and
Electrify its Iconic Model


The customer is a popular European car maker who leads the customized car market segment with the ‘iconic’ design and proposition. The customer has spent over 30 years in the maintenance and restoration of classic off-road compact cars and SUVs. Armed with the expertise in restoring, building and customizing cars, they wished to make an integral change to the car that could also completely transform the customer experience. ​

​They felt the need to ‘upgrade’ the iconic car that appeals to the new generation. They came up with the idea to make cars that contributed to a more sustainable future, without making any changes to the design. After undertaking various capacity tests, they felt that with the right technology and a partner with the right expertise, they could pursue the goal of building 100% electric cars.


After setting clear objectives, the customer’s next challenge was to find a partner who has had success in building electric vehicles. The customer’s goal was to make or get complete control over every part of the design process. They wanted to make brand new components and not retrofit existing components in the car. Although they were leaders in the iconic car industry for the past 30 years, they were exploring an unfamiliar niche market segment with something they hadn’t built in the past.

To be able to completely control the performance of the electric car, it was imperative that they had the ability to control the battery. Most importantly, they needed a partner who could help and enable the first time electric car maker, with the tools to identify technical challenges and be able to fix them in the process of manufacturing.

The customer was looking for:

  1. A smart and reliable BMS platform
  2. Extensive & Efficient Data Logging capabilities
  3. Timely identification of critical issues
  4. A flexible & configurable BMS platform for the EV application
  5. Constant updates on the battery’s performance


The customer approached European BMS maker Freemens (now a part of ION), for the technical knowledge and expertise and a customized BMS solution. ION’s previously successful BMS implementations were proof that they were the right partners, given the customer’s challenges and specific requirements.

ION Energy’s advanced battery management systems and intelligence platform employ machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. We enable customers in the electric vehicle and energy storage space to make better, faster and smarter decisions. ION is empowering leading OEMs and battery pack makers in markets across the US, Europe and India.

The customer had a unique need for a customized Battery Management Solution and not just an off-the-shelf solution. We understood their requirements worked closely with them throughout the design and development stages. ION’s team and platform offered just the right flexibility, versatility and knowledge that the customer was looking for. Our intelligence platform gave them adequate control and simplified real-time data analytics. As the cars were customized we had to work towards designing a BMS as per the size and specification shared by the customer, so as to seamlessly fit into the form factor.

Our BMS enabled the customer with complete control of the BMS, a dashboard that would identify critical issues in real-time and make recommendations to fix them. It also helped them overcome the data logging challenge by recording every second of battery life. This proved to be significantly beneficial for predictive diagnostics. The data is then efficiently optimized for storage and retrieval with our compression algorithms, that are designed to reduce the space consumed by the data logs by a factor of 20.

ION enabled the car maker with over 200 BMS + platform solutions for successful assembly and production of their first electric car within 2 years. The first electric car received an amazing response and they eventually went on to design and launch the second iconic electric car model.

Products Deployed

Advanced Battery Management System & Intelligence Platform

FS-XT is a distributed Battery Management system designed for High Voltage battery systems. Its premium features are suitable for automotive and storage applications like support for the insulation monitoring device, system interlock monitoring, contactor weld detection and system communication with isolated CAN.

Using our battery intelligence platform, the customer was able to make sense of the battery data, access real-time, detailed visualizations and analytics. This helped them with diagnostics that the Machine Learning-trained models would analyze and recommend changes upon, to improve the battery’s performance. They were even able to test and validate each and every battery before assembling and shipping the car. The platform helped them with:

– A single dashboard view of all assets
– End of line QA testing

ION's Companion Applications

ION Lens is used to remotely interface, activate and connect to the BMS. It transfers the battery
data to the cloud intelligence platform via Bluetooth or Wifi. ION Lens showcases a dashboard with the battery status including parameters like:

– State of charge (%)
– Current drawn (A)
– State of health
– Temperature (°C)
– Total voltage (V)
– Module voltage

ION Trace helps keep track of your deployed assets. This supply chain application helps you view the complete history of any deployed asset throughout its life cycle. Use ION Trace to associate the BMS with the Battery Pack and keep track of its :

– Circumstantial Status (In Stock, In Testing, In Maintenance, etc.)
– Existential Status (Complete, Partial)
– Functional Status (Available, Unavailable)


Reliable BMS
(zero downtime)

Active engineering &
onboarding support

Real-time analytics

A highly flexible platform with
over 170 configurable parameters

BMS records every
second of the battery life
to help identify critical issues

Pre-assembly diagnostics
and end of line QA testing
with Edison Analytics


“We are extremely impressed with ION’s platform’s versatility and capabilities. They have been with us since the beginning and were instrumental in the successful launch of our two new electric cars.

​ION has made end of line QA testing really easy for us and their ability to log every critical metric was a huge advantage. Their platform is a must have for every electric vehicle maker.

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