How ION Energy Is Enabling Global Electronic Components Leader to Accelerate India’s EV Transition


Our customer is a global market leader that designs and manufactures advanced electrical components. The company has been continuously innovating and building a wide range of applications that include energy management systems, home appliances, and healthcare devices.

The EV space in India is expected to be driven by commercial rather than passenger vehicles, and the two and three-wheelers are likely to witness faster adoption. Tapping into India’s mobility future, our customer aims to propel the EV transition by – addressing the EV charging needs with the help of battery swap models that eliminates the wait time for the user and setting up local battery pack manufacturing facilities. The customer wishes to scale-up their battery pack manufacturing and minimize the wait time for EV charging for 2 and 3 wheelers with the battery swap model in India.

With a three-phase launch plan in place, the customer intends to design batteries for electric two and three-wheelers and continue to build battery packs for public and private transportation in the future and potentially expand their presence in 10 key cities.

From building an MVP for battery swap station managers to creating completely new custom battery pack models, take a look at the customer’s core challenges. Read on to know how ION Energy helped them launch operations into the Indian electric mobility market.