How ION’s Platform Helped Design, Power and Deploy an All-electric Excavator to Operate in Extremely Cold Temperatures


ION Energy partnered with a leading European battery pack maker to enable its customer – a European construction equipment maker – to deploy their first, fully electric excavator.

As the electrification of transport rapidly spread to multiple other industries, the customer felt the need to build sustainable, zero-emission construction machines that could replace the diesel engine completely.

The customer envisioned designing and deploying a range of compact, fully rechargeable clean energy construction equipment. Their challenge was to undertake the first electrification project for an excavator, that would operate under extremely low temperatures (-20 degrees). The success of this project was critical in terms of time and cost which led the customer to look for a reliable partner who could help them power their first, fully electric excavator, within a year.

Customer Testimonial

“ION helped our customer overcome critical challenges pertaining to operating the battery under extreme temperatures. The support that ION’s team offered to us and our customer throughout the project was invaluable. We have been able to significantly increase our business profitability and are confident about working with more customers to solve critical battery management problems!”

Find out how ION successfully enabled the construction equipment maker to power and deploy their first all-electric excavator!