French ebike manufacturer successfully launches high-performance off-road ebikes - powered by ION


A leading French ebike manufacturer that specializes in the design and development of electric dirt and trail bikes. Our customer has produced ebikes for novices and champions and distributed it in more than 20 countries over the last 10 years.

The customer’s focus was on the overall increase in performance featuring more torque, speed, improved handling and less noise. The latest range of zero pollution ebikes are equipped with an all new electric motor and improved steering ergonomics.


The client’s objective was to find and implement a cost-effective, high-performance Battery Management Systems (BMS) for a low-volume requirement, within weeks prior to the launch. They needed the expertise of a BMS partner who could bring in advanced technology to significantly improve the battery capacity, flexibility to customizable the BMS, and offer active end-to-end support through each of the product deployment stages.

Moreover, the team needed over 300 reliable battery management systems within a span of 13 weeks, including successful product testing and validation.

“As we were gearing up for a spectacular launch of our new range of electric dirt bike models, we faced critical cell balancing challenges with our existing BMS. We also were looking for a smaller, lighter and a more reliable BMS.”

– Customer


ION’s disruptive battery management system and intelligence platform proved to be a game-changer for the client. Our unparalleled approach was to offer not just a product but a platform and a dedicated engineering team, that made it possible to constantly monitor, measure and effectively accelerate the battery’s capacity in real-time.

Our Battery Management System (BMS) helped with:

Measuring crucial information regarding the performance of the battery – temperature, current, voltage
Evaluating key parameters – State of Charge (SOC) & State of Health (SOH)
Managing and protecting the battery from operating outside the Safe Operating Area (SOA)
Configuring over 170 parameters to significantly optimize the battery performance and overcome the critical cell balancing challenge


Battery Capacity
1.8kWh / 2.6 kWh

Cell Chemistry

Battery Configuration

Peak Discharge Current
400 A

Systems Deployed

ION's BMS Platform


An advanced BMS with high packaging density. Meticulously designed for light electric, hybrid vehicles and energy storage systems.

System Voltage Range

Cells Managed Per Board

Cells Managed Per System



9-15 cells (FSLT-15S)

6-340 cell modules in series

CAN 2.0 A&B for system integrationBluetooth 4.1 for Android dashboard 


ION's Companion Applications

ION Lens is used to remotely interface, activate and connect to the BMS. It transfers the battery data to Edison via Bluetooth or Wifi. ION Lens showcases the overall battery status including parameters like:

– State of charge (%)
– Current drawn (A)
– State of health
– Temperature (°C)
– Total voltage (V)
– Module voltage

ION Trace is a supply chain application that can be used to add new component in your inventory, test, assemble, ship, and associate with a BMS. ION Trace lets the user scan and view the following component details:

– Current state
– Association Indicator
– Last update
– List of available actions
– History

Edison Analytics by ION

Edison Analytics let the customer access a visual, real-time dashboard that highlights the performance of

each parameter with the ability to optimize, accelerate and configure tools better. Edison helped in improving the life-expectancy of deployed assets.

– Remotely send over-the-air updates
– Build better batteries
– Extend life and uptime of batteries
– Track the lifecycle of the battery

Edison Analytics by ION


kWh Activated


BMS Delivered


No. of Cycles Tested



Small and
reliable systems

Dedicated engineer support 
across each stage of deployment

Cost optimization at
low volume production

In-depth QA Testing & Validation (pre-launch)

Highly flexible with over 170
configurable parameters

Configure ION Lens to perform
audits & maintenance

2x superior cell balancing capabilities than any other BMS provider

Edison Analytics protects
battery against improper/
insidious use cases

Edison Analytics offers a single touchpoint for configuration management


"We're thrilled with the response to our launch! We found ION Energy to be extremely reliable and their solution was smarter and technologically advanced. We've seen compelling improvement in cell balancing and battery performance. ION's platform worked exceptionally well and was 5x better than our existing BMS!"

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