French E-bike Manufacturer Successfully Launches High-performance Off-road E-bikes Powered by ION


A leading French e-bike manufacturer that specializes in the design and development of electric dirt and trail bikes and has produced e-bikes for novices and champions in over 20 countries over the last 10 years approached ION Energy to help implement a cost-effective, high-performance BMS, within weeks prior to the launch

With a clear focus on the overall increase in the performance featuring more torque, speed, improved handling, and less noise, the latest range of zero pollution e-bikes were to be equipped with an all-new electric motor and improved steering ergonomics.

The customer needed the expertise of a BMS partner who could bring in advanced technology to significantly improve the battery capacity, flexibility to customizable the BMS, and offer active end-to-end support through each of the product deployment stages. Moreover, the team needed over 300 reliable battery management systems within a span of 13 weeks, including successful product testing and validation.

Customer Testimonial

“We’re thrilled with the response to our launch! We found ION Energy to be extremely reliable and their solution was smarter and technologically advanced. We’ve seen compelling improvement in cell balancing and battery performance. ION’s platform worked exceptionally well and was 5x better than our existing BMS!”

Find out how ION helped accelerate the launch of high-performance off-road e-bikes within 13 weeks!