ION Energy's BMS Improves Safety, Halves Production Time and Accelerates Innovation For a Cross-country Off-road EV


A European original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs, innovates, and builds new modes of off-road travel, was looking to replace highly-unreliable, low-quality BMS that were employed in their 4-wheeler EV.

The customer manufactures fully electric recreational, cross country vehicles that create incredible driving experiences for all types of terrain and environment. Their off-road electric 4-wheeler has a niche fan base of thrill-seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and outdoorsy travelers. These light, stable, and flexible EVs work smoothly on snow, sand, hills, rocks, and have multiple uses ranging from adventure, leisure, emergency to scientific research.

One of the major challenges faced by the customer was the lack of expertise in battery technology/ energy storage domain. This led them to employ low-quality Chinese BMS for their 4-wheelers. Over a period of time, they realized that the BMS constantly caused problems and wasn’t even reliable or safe. This triggered a chain of events, majorly impacting their production, assembly, and operations.

Considering that the customer already lost over 2 years as a result of this unprecedented crisis, a quick turnaround solution, more like a disruption was needed to get production and operations back on track.

Customer Testimonial

“We have successfully launched our fully-electric off-road 4 wheeler and the response has been unbelievable! ION’s team and technology helped us break down complex battery challenges and improve performance tremendously. They’ve been really flexible since inception. ION’s BMS was better than our existing BMS in every way. This truly gave us the confidence to build our next 2-wheeler EV.”

Read on to know how ION’s team of electronic engineers, an integrated BMS solution, and tech expertise helped the customer improve safety and halve the production time.