27th December 2021

What is EV Fleet Management and How Can Companies Benefit from it?

EV Fleet Management

EV Fleet Management software is an excellent tool for fleet management companies looking to run their electric vehicles effectively while sticking to stringent government regulations. As you know, the global electric fleet vehicle market share has increased significantly over the past decade. Due to the high availability and cost-effectiveness, it is still on the rise across the globe. We expect this trend to go further. 

Governments worldwide are pushing a switch to modern electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Did you know about 115 million vehicles will be in the global EV fleet by 2030? EU and China are in full support of electric vehicles. 

In fact, by 2030, Joe Biden plans to invest $15B in manufacturing 500000 charging stations for EV vehicles. It signifies that the soaring popularity of electric vehicles will change the entire EV fleet management in the coming years. Let’s take a quick look at what is fleet management and how EV Fleet Management software brings benefit to business owners

What is EV Fleet Management?  

EV is an acronym for Electric Vehicle that partially or fully run-on electric power. When a company buys or leases a group of electric vehicles, it is termed an EV Fleet. The vehicles emit zero carbon dioxide, thus proving beneficial for the environment. The EV runs on batteries that need to be charged through EV charging stations. 

The need for the EV fleet management system arises here to manage the smooth working of fleet operations. The EV Fleet management is referred to as supervising the charging and maintenance needs of the fleet.

EV fleet management analyses the volume of vehicles and the distance they travel to determine the number of EV charging points they need on the stretch. Thus, EV fleet management must address big issues such as range anxiety to provide a unified insight-driven view to the fleet operators. This helps in optimizing the EV fleet performance.

Benefits of EV Fleet Management Software


EV Fleet is a great initiative by people and the government to reduce carbon emissions to fight climate change. However, it is still underused in many areas because of proper infrastructure. 


Hence, now is the right time to install the EV Fleet Management software to manage and create a strong infrastructure for fleets to carry their operations easily. Let us take a closer glimpse at how the software can help in improving the bottom line of companies:

  • Real-Time Charging Insights

EV fleet management software offers real-time charging information at the fingertips. It helps companies easily determine which electric vehicles in their fleet have the least or maximum charge before dispatching any EV vehicle.

  • Hassle-free Integration with In-Built Cloud System 

Charging electric vehicles needs hardware. Modern EV fleet management software has in-built cloud-based systems. They are ten times affordable as compared to hardware-based systems or edge systems. Moreover, these systems have speedy maintenance and are also simple to scale. The biggest benefit of cloud-based software is that companies can integrate their existing fleet systems to their new charging stations easily and remotely.

  • Helps Stay Complaint

EV fleets are usually subjected to national and regional requirements. Adhering to them is easier with an EV fleet management tool. It logs in hours and produces reports of drivers on trips automatically. This makes it simpler to transfer all the data to the enforcement officials when required.

  •  Enhanced Fleet Safety

The companies are responsible for the safety of drivers when they are on-job. They are also liable for the damage that their vehicles will result in. With the electric vehicle fleet management software, fleet managers can easily record the activities and behavior of the driver like idle time of vehicle, hard braking, over-speeding, etc., and generate tailored reports. Fleet managers can also offer identification tags to drivers. It limits them to predefined EV’s and ensures just authorized drivers access the company’s assets.

  • Reduces Maintenance

EV’s have fewer moving parts and require minimal replacement. The motor, battery, and other electric components need less ongoing maintenance. It helps in reducing vehicle downtime and overall maintenance costs.

  •  Increased Efficiency

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management tool allows companies to see, manage and monitor fleet activity in just a few taps. A clear overview of the location of vehicles, estimated arrival and delivery time, job completion status will provide an in-depth understanding of what is going on. The software also offers necessary support to the drivers when required. It leads to increased efficiency and productivity in operations.

  •  Lower Fuel Consumption

EV fleet management software provides detailed fuel tracking data reports. This allows fleet management companies in tracking the engine idle time and helps in more efficient driving. In addition, it offers a huge impact on the bottom line.

  •  Saves Money

Fleet tracking systems help businesses plan routes and distribute their fleet efficiently. Tailored reports turn data into actional insights. It gives team members a chance to understand where you need to improve. It increases the potential of saving money in the long run.

  •  Increase Customer Satisfaction

A GPS fleet tracking solution allows fleet managers to ensure the customers get top-notch customer service. The software helps determine which EV fleet vehicles have faced issues on-road and reroute the nearby driver to ensure customers receive their deliveries on time.


Successful EV companies need EV Fleet Management software to operate at optimal levels. But managing a fleet of electric vehicles is not a simple task. An essential part of fleet management is the use of advanced technologies to increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses.

EV fleet management software offers all the essential information in one place to monitor the electric vehicles – health of charging station, energy consumption, etc. It helps the fleet managers optimize their fleet use and gain maximum ROI.

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