27th December 2019

[In Conversation] Sanket Dalvi’s fascinating Journey as a Full Stack Developer Intern at ION Energy Inc.

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On his last day as a Full Stack Developer Intern, we caught up with Sanket Dalvi to talk about his experience working at ION and what kept him most excited at work every day!

Can you tell us about your role at ION Energy Inc.?

My role at ION Energy was Full Stack Developer Intern. I was a part of the Edison Analytics team and helped in developing a battery intelligence platform.

What is your educational qualification? Do you have any past work experience?

I am pursuing Computer Engineering from St. Francis Institute of Technology and currently in the third year. Before joining ION Energy I used to work as a freelancer.

How was your experience working at ION as a Full Stack Developer?

My reporting manager was Jean Baptiste Collet – a software developer at ION Energy. He has worked with PHP, Symfony, MySQL, C#, Java and has built mobile applications on Android. He is based out of France. He has been very friendly and mentored me very well throughout my Internship.

We were given updates from all the teams in our weekly All Hands meeting. The connection between all the people working at ION is great and that made work fun! Everyone at ION is approachable and always ready to help, guide you and clear your doubts.

What do you like most about working here? What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?

The best part of working at ION Energy was that even after being an Intern I was given full flexibility in the design and application of the project I was working on. This helped me to implement my creativity freely. It also helped me to dedicate more time and energy to the development of the product. The project got me so engaged in the work that I used to end up working way beyond the working hours.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how challenged did you feel on a daily basis at work?

I would go with 7. The challenging nature of the work was the reason that I enjoyed it more. If I use to get stuck on something for long then Jean Baptiste use to help me fix it.

Do you believe that ION gives authentic recognition in the workplace?

When my first project of building a Telecom Tower Simulator on Kivy was completed within the first month of my Internship, it was appreciated by Alex, Co-founder and CTO of ION Energy in All Hands. I was amazed by the authentic recognition that’s given based on work! It motivated me to do better every time.

What three words would you use to describe our culture?

Affable, Dynamic, Sedulous

What is your favorite workplace tradition?

My favorite, along with many others here is Saturday Pushups. I enjoy it even more because I used to outdo others and rank the highest with a maximum number of pushups! The Friday meditation session is also really useful and I enjoy it a lot.

Do you feel like the management here is transparent?

Yes. In the All Hands meeting we are able to see all the generated leads, customers and their status in the customer funnel and all the important updates from all the teams. This gives a good idea about the progress and working of ION Energy.

Did you find adequate learning and mentoring opportunities here?

At ION Energy, I was allowed to experiment and get the best solution to the product. It allowed me to learn on my own and practice self-learning which I prefer the most. Thus, the mentoring provided here was best suited for me.

What did you like most about ION?

I love the culture at ION the most. The workplace is well maintained. As a Full Stack Developer I used to spend more and more time coding and developing the application, but never have I felt the need to look at the clock.

What's the one thing you'd like to see us continue doing here?

I would suggest continuing the culture which helps in boosting team productivity like weekend treks, hiking, outdoor cricket, and football matches that have been a really good experience for me.

What kinds of projects would a person in your role as a Full Stack Developer be able to own from beginning to end?

Designing and developing a desktop application, maintaining some section of the main project, building an API, improvising UI of some pages are few of the examples that a person in my position will be able to own.

Can you give an example of a time that someone in your role made a suggestion that was later implemented?

I have suggested the tabbed design of the desktop application and it got accepted even when it was just my first week as the intern. Appreciation at All Hands also gave me immense motivation.

Can you give an example of a time that someone in your role made a suggestion that was later implemented?

ION’s mission is to accelerate Earth’s transition to an all-electric planet. As a part of the Edison Analytics team, I believe that the battery intelligence platform (Edison) is continuously enabling ION to achieve this mission.

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