22nd March 2019

Building the New Standard in Battery Management & Intelligence

battery management

It’s 2019 and if you cast a glance, everywhere around there is some appliance or the other powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. Be it the mobile phone in your hand, the laptop on your desk or the suave futuristic-looking electric vehicle parked in the dreams of most people. To understand the importance of battery management as this wave of Li-ion battery packs is set to grow, let’s view this increment in Li-ion batteries statistically.

According to reports by GTM Research, from 2017 to 2022 the deployment of lithium-ion batteries is said to shoot up by 55% each year. This effectively means around an eight-fold increase in Li-ion battery deployment, amounting to 18 GWh in 2022 from 2GWh in 2017. In fact, even Bloomberg New Energy Finances (BNEF) cites an estimate of $13 billion annual investment by 2024, which is over a double of $5 billion in 2018.

In short, it’s a great time to be a battery pack manufacturer!

The grass is green for product demand and development. But building a battery fulfilling all the consumer’s requirements is no joke! Manufacturers need to have an eye for all aspects of the process. This includes effective design, delivering the end application and considering the unique chemistry of each cell.

The specific requirements of the end-user from different industries also need to be accounted for. For example, a battery designed to store solar energy should be able to support the consumer autonomously without being dependent on the grid. The more days the system can supply power independently, the better. Meanwhile, the performance of an electric vehicle battery is judged by maximum traction motor torque, mileage-based on discharge cycles and energy capacity.

Most importantly, tackling safety and aging is a common concern.

Let’s face it, despite rampant progress in lithium-ion technology, battery aging is something that’s bound to happen. It occurs both due to time and usage and is a consequence of reactions between the negative electrode and the electrolyte.

A commonly observed occurrence in aging electronic devices is a drop in performance. The temperature has a direct role to play this. Charging and operation at high temperatures (>40 C) and charging at low temperatures (<10 C) both accelerates aging.

A Battery Management System is the best way to unlock the required performance while preventing aging and also ensuring the battery stays within operating limits.

The BMS or Battery Management System is the brain of the battery. It is an electronic system that manages energy storage systems, such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and/or balancing it.

Lithium-ion battery cells have two critical design issues;

  1. If you overcharge them you can damage them and cause overheating and even explosion or flame so it’s important to have a battery management system to provide overvoltage protection.
  2. Lithium-ion cells can also be damaged if they’re discharged below a certain threshold. If the cells are discharged below this threshold their capacity can become permanently reduced. Again, the dumb battery doesn’t know that what’s good for its health and keep charging/discharging itself beyond capacity. BMS is essential for battery, BMS is a caretaker!

Our proprietary battery management technologies, coupled with our battery intelligence platform Edison Analytics, will help maintain your batteries in operating limits, evaluate key parameters and collect performance data.

Our platform offers great flexibility for thermal management, enabling a large number of temperature sensors required during the design phase to be reduced during production once the battery’s thermal behavior has been mapped. This helps in optimizing your costs. The BMS also ensures your batteries are protected against over/under discharge, thermal runaway and overcurrent.

Simply putting it, our BMS provides excellent monitoring and feedback for safer operation and preventing aging. This is why titans of the electric mobility and energy storage industries rely on our platform to build world-class batteries.

What other features of our Battery Management Platform help you stand out?


For achieving higher capacity by increasing Ampere-hours (Ah) while maintaining individual voltage levels, batteries are connected in parallel. This is a difficult feat to accomplish in lithium-ion batteries. Fortunately, our team has developed our entire BMS range to work with up to 16 batteries in parallel.

Paralleling involves connecting two complete and independent batteries in parallel. To ensure the smooth functioning of this arrangement, they must communicate with the main power bus. The BMS is able to estimate from the amount of current flowing when to connect to the main bus.

Master-Slave Arrangement

Our battery management platform for high voltage applications has a stackable architecture based on slave boards. Each of the BMS slave boards manages a certain number of cells under them, and in turn, is managed by a BMS master board. This allows us to dynamically scale up and support applications up to 1080V. This robust range covers practically every application from two-wheelers to telecom towers to microgrids.

CAN Communication

All of our battery management systems are equipped with not 1 but 2 CAN bus A&B interfaces for charge control and system interfacing. We have a clean architecture with one interface for internal BMS communication, and a second for external communication. This ensures that no peripheral equipment could disrupt battery management communications in different applications.

Edison – The world’s most advanced Battery Intelligence platform.

We believe in a software-first approach to solving problems of battery life and performance. That’s why we’ve built Edison – an advanced battery intelligence and diagnostics engine. It uses extensive machine learning algorithms & A.I. to continuously track battery performance and remotely send over-the-air updates for improving the life-expectancy of deployed assets.

Our cloud-based platform Edison allows over-the-air (OTA) updates, that aid in configuring the BMS real-time. It also enables the BMS to transmit information about the battery status to the end-user on the Edison mobile application via the cloud platform. This way, the user can view a dashboard reflecting the battery health, without the need of a wired screen to show the same data.

So how is this accumulated data beneficial to your users?

We at ION Energy understand the extent to which data drives this world. We believe in recording each second of the battery’s useful life and using these figures to fine-tune our predictive analytics models. We utilize both the raw data extracted and logged from operation along with data available to us from cell experiments. Our compression algorithms allow the storage of large amounts of battery performance data acquisition due to a reduction factor of twenty.

The FS-XT and the FS-LT both real-time monitor and log up to 61 variables. They can store around 20 years of data history.

Let’s suppose a client wishes to manufacture batteries for a fleet of electric vehicles. Be it monitoring each of their charge/discharge levels, temperature, location etc, as a fleet manager, it is essential to keep a track of this information. This is where Edison comes handy.

The Edison web application tracks the current status of all deployed applications. Following this, automated reporting of analytics and insights of battery performance is conveyed to the manufacturer/fleet manager. Edison’s prognostics engine predicts the future course of the battery based on analyses of real-time data models and communicates alerts for preventive maintenance to the web application. Edison also tracks battery status, trip history, real-time GPS location and remote shutdown.

As a battery pack manufacturer, these features will enable your clients to have complete control over their entire fleet and save on unnecessary expenditures in case of breakdown.

Why License our BMS Platform?

With over 8 years of industry experience, ION Energy offers licencing for battery management technologies. Every battery needs a BMS, be it automotive, cleantech, telecom or any other application. We offer to you the combination of a quick arrival in the market and flexibility to make your product customized.

Licensing your BMS with us will give you access to all of our technology platforms and accelerate your speed to the market. You will have full product control and low TCO. Within 3 months, your BMS will be deployed in the market. Our revenues are associated with your battery deployment. Once licensed, all future NRE plus software and firmware upgrades will be free. On average, our licensees save 50% on electronic costs and improve net profit margin on their batteries by 12-15%

We help our licensees achieve fully internalized manufacturing without needing external customization.

A win-win deal for battery pack manufacturers

At ION Energy, we understand that the challenges battery pack manufacturing can pose and have solutions to help you deliver your products smoothly.

Our cutting-edge technology offers value to battery pack manufacturers both in terms of hardware and software. Our hardware is made to be easily customizable and reusable for our licensees. But a bigger boon to manufacturers is the software environment around which our BMS is built. From firmware to a cloud platform, it is made as generic as possible to be adapted to any application and production line possible.

We live in an age where if you browse past any popular news forum for business or technology, there’s global developments in the lithium-ion battery and electric vehicles industry every week. Another GTM Research report even predicts the fall of cost of lithium-ion battery packs from $219 kWh in 2017 to $39 kWh in 2040. This will further fuel the adoption of lithium-ion batteries.

We are committed to partnering with serious players and titans in electric mobility and energy storage space. Our success lies in helping companies accelerate the launch of their battery project

So whether you want to build a battery to power an electric vehicle, a home or even an entire region, you can count on us to provide you with a solid foundation. Drop an email on hello@ionenergy.co and we’ll get in touch with you.

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