How can you Improve the Performance and Life of Lithium-ion Batteries?

How can you Improve the Performance and Life of Lithium-ion Batteries?


18th October 2019

How can you Improve the Performance and Life of Lithium-ion Batteries?

improve the performance and life of lithium-ion batteries

The rise of the electric vehicle has forced automakers to take a closer look at the performance and life of lithium-ion batteries.

While earlier, automakers have treated the battery as a black box, today they’re building their battery expertise in-house. Let’s take Tesla, for example.

Panasonic has been an exclusive lithium-ion battery cell supplier for Tesla’s cars like Model S, X, and 3. In 2014, Tesla signed a deal with the Japanese conglomerate to jointly build a battery production facility – Gigafactory One to mass-produce 35 gigawatt-hours worth of Panasonic’s car batteries per annum.


Because batteries are expensive!

Although the cost of lithium-ion batteries has decreased over the past decade, it still amounts to US$139 per kWh. It continues to be the most expensive component of an electric vehicle.

For electric cars to be mainstream, they need to match petrol/diesel cars on price and range. And both depend on unlocking the potential of the battery by getting more life and range out of it.

How do we optimize to improve the performance and life of lithium-ion batteries?

Batteries are essentially a large number of cells packed together to provide power to the application it’s connected to. These cells require continuous management to operate within safe boundaries, i.e. a Battery Management System (BMS)

While numerous advancements are being made in cell technology to make them more efficient than before, none are closer to commercialization. Companies realize that the key differentiator lies in the BMS and its approach to managing the battery.

Designing BMS to be smarter and understand the behaviour of the cells is the first step in building long-lasting batteries of the future. However, there’s a limit to the computing power that BMS will need to predict the behaviour of the cells. A new layer of intelligence is required!

Using the power of cloud computing and machine learning, it’s possible to enhance the capabilities of the BMS and, in turn, develop Digital Twins of the battery it manages. Using this battery data, we can gain critical insights into its health, a vital determinant of the vehicle range it will provide.

If you work with lithium-ion batteries, we’ve made a simple flowchart to see where you stand in building smart batteries:

ION helps you get more out of your BMS by identifying the underlying potential of battery data. Leverage it with machine learning, AI & analytics to accurately determine, predict and improve the life of lithium-ion batteries by up to 40%.

Altergo – ION’s full-stack battery intelligence platform simplifies battery management the world over! Altergo is enabling battery pack makers, electric fleet managers, and OEMs to maintain the battery’s performance & acquire better ROI through all stages of the battery lifecycle.

Altergo is a battery intelligence platform designed to leverage data, machine learning and AI to extend the life and improve the performance of Li-Ion batteries. Incubated inside ION Energy, Altergo aligns perfectly with ION’s mission to accelerate Earth’s transition to an all-electric planet. Commercial adoption of EVs has a critical role in making progress towards this mission. 

Batteries contribute 40% + cost in modern EVs, and there is anxiety around their life performance (charging time, safety, etc.) that requires more than just local safety protection. Altergo will make a data-driven case for consumers and fleet owners to choose EVs by monitoring, managing, and improving battery life remotely.

Altergo delivers business improvements in all stages of the battery life cycle, enabling EVs & ESS providers to determine, predict and improve the life of lithium-ion batteries by up to 40%.

With Altergo, you can:
– Access real-time dashboard
– Monitor battery performance
– Set custom alerts

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