13th November 2021

In Conversation with Anand Panchal, Customer Success Engineer at ION Energy Inc.

Customer Success Engineer at ION Energy

[In Conversation with] The Passionate Journey of Anand Panchal, Customer Success Engineer at ION Energy Inc.

Anand Panchal, one of our key and influential team players, is a 27-year-old experienced engineer from Mumbai. He is a computer vision enthusiast and has worked in the Embedded Systems and Computer Vision domain for the past few years. For Anand, engineering is more of a passion than a profession.

Let’s find out more about Anand and his role as a Customer Success Engineer at ION Energy!

How did you hear about ION Energy and decide to add value to your career as a Customer Success Engineer?

Being from a technology startup background, I was looking for a challenging position in a genuine technology company. While researching, I learned about ION Energy as one of the tops in the BMS segment. After some interesting rounds of discussion, I was thrilled to be a part of ION Energy as a Customer Success Engineer. 

How do you understand Customer Success as a philosophy, and how are you implementing this at ION Energy?

Customer Success is an essential part of the journey of any company. Enabling customers to use your technology, product to the full extent and efficiently adds value to the customer experience. And with that experience, we get a happy customer. 

We, the ION-CS team, keep customers in mind and develop our processes and interactions to ensure a positive customer experience. We, the CS team, work in collaboration with all other teams at ION to provide a smooth activation experience (Activation is the process of integrating our BMS with the customer’s end application). We are working on short, mid, and long-term plans to improve the overall efficiency of the team and experience to the end customer.

What Customer Success metrics do you use to measure your success in this role?

On a team level, we have a weekly Customer Experience Index and a Quarterly Customer Satisfaction score. These metrics enable us to understand customer sentiments, issues bothering them, and what improvisations we need to do to reach our goal of ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

On a personal level, I measure this two ways: 

(A) Based on weekly interaction with the customer, I try to understand the delta of the customer’s sentiment on a week-by-week basis. If that is going down, I need to find and improve the gap. 

(B) Based on daily interaction with the team, we try to understand if our group is happy and excited to work on the new challenges. 

If my customers are happy and my team is charged up, I consider that as success.

What’s the most challenging case you’ve ever handled?

The most challenging case I have ever handled is associated with a company for which we worked on the HV vehicle project and did our best to enable the project activation. But due to the inability to reach this project setup and debug in time, we had to stop working on the project. Everyone from engineering and CS tried their best to enable the customer, but unfortunately, it was not enough to reach the goal. 

I have learned a lot from that failure and will use these learnings to avoid future incidents.

What drives you to work every day?

There are two things that motivate me to work every day. 

My Team: We have a fantastic and energetic team of youngsters who are full of energy and ideas. We work together to deliver a remarkable experience to all our customers.

ION Energy Culture

My Customers: It becomes a learning and rewarding experience to work with the diversity of the customers. Each customer brings us some challenging problems, thus enabling us to deliver innovative solutions to them.

How has ION Energy shaped you as the person you are today?

ION has enabled me to become a better version of myself. Every day, it provides me an environment that allows me to explore, work and deliver value to the customers, team, and myself. Each day is different, and every day it becomes more interesting for me. I like it that way!

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