6th September 2019

[Edison Analytics] Intuitive & Customized Dashboard View

edison analytics

With Edison Analytics access battery intelligence like never before!

After a successful launch at The Battery Show, Edison Analytics has been receiving amazing response! While its user experience, zero-downtime, and real-time intelligence reporting are most popular, Edison’s Dashboard view has emerged as the most loved functionality.

Edison Analytics was invented on a radically new approach towards battery management and lifecycle management. We call it the “Trinity of Battery Life” which has at its core the 3 E’s that impact battery life.

Entity: Everything inside the battery pack. Capacity planning, chemistry comparisons, cell selection, mechanical design, thermal management, etc.

Environment: Everything outside of the battery but not in the control of the end-user. Weather, traffic, terrain etc impact battery life significantly. It’s important to take them into consideration when trying to map the State of Health (SoH) and predict the trajectory of a battery’s life.

Experience: Everything that is dependent on the end user’s profile. Acceleration profile, charging patterns (slow/fast), braking patterns, etc. can impact battery life by up to 30% and by measuring usage patterns and giving feedback, Edison aims to customize the performance and life for each deployed asset

By combining data from these three sources and leveraging ION’s domain expertise around battery management, Edison Analytics collects battery data, monitors and optimizes performance in real-time.

Edison creates a hyper-personalized view of the performance of a single battery to a fleet of batteries, keeping in mind the user’s profile. Each user has a unique approach and a specific requirement, depending on his/her industry, role, objective, etc. Edison uses a series of in-built templates for Engineers, Fleet operators, Procurement Managers and adds a layer of intelligence to identify patterns, conditions and makes sense of battery data to deliver performance insights for each profile.

Here’s what you can do with Dashboards by Edison Analytics:

Automation: Edison is deriving actionable insights to automate routine tasks that drive business improvements in all stages of the battery lifecycle. It delivers descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics that is facilitating the work of engineers, procurement managers, and electric mobility fleet operators. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are replacing monotonous actions by offering a real-time view of battery performance, errors, the impact of external parameters, etc.

Data processing and interpretation: Edison Analytics collects raw data from various sources to process, interpret and derive actionable insights. The platform computes the State of Health (SoH), State of Charge (SoC), residual life, residual capacity, aging overview, etc.

What is particularly useful for each user is that he/she is able to track metrics, for example, what was the SoH of the fleet on an average in the last year? What is the profile of batteries that are aging fastest/slowest? What is the speed at which the fleet is aging? On average, what is the temperature to which the batteries are being exposed? What is the kind of distribution that I see? For most dashboard that represents a fleet of battery, Distribution is very useful as it accounts for how much time any given battery has spent at any given state.

Users can also identify outliers in terms of external temperature and further zoom into the highlighted areas for an in-depth analysis.

Visualization: When batteries are in isolation, it is easier to analyze their performance and the cause and effect of each external and internal parameter. Although, when all the batteries need to be assessed together, processing this data becomes a lot more challenging. Edison helps visualize battery performance with graphs, replacing excel sheets with an advanced view.

For instance, after manufacturing 2000 batteries, a battery pack maker has sent 1000 to Goa and the rest to Delhi. Considering that the charge and discharge cycles were the same for both, the batteries are ageing faster in Goa, as a result of high temperature. Batteries can age faster or at a slower pace depending on multiple factors like environment, chemistry, etc. Edison helps visualize this data, let the user select multiple parameters to compare and identify the main problem/issue.

How can you Customize Your Dashboard:

Choose your view: Split the dashboard into different views based on your purpose, job role, and industry. For example, an engineer who works on new battery designs would like to study a single battery, its performance and its reaction to different stimuli for the last 5-10 seconds, how is the power delivery, heating, etc. The engineer can simply use Edison’s micro-approach view to inspect and monitor each parameter, cause, and effect, draw co-relations, etc.

Get the compact, all-asset overview: The complete overview enables the user to visualize external parameters like geography, climate conditions, fleet performance, and usage patterns such as temperature profile, depth of discharge, discharge profile, state-of-health, etc. The compact view displays the overall status of all the distributed assets. This view is extremely beneficial for electric mobility fleet operators and/or owners who are concerned about the global performance of the fleet – at the macro level. Fleet operators monitor the dashboard to identify any upcoming delays, errors or patterns that could result in poor performance.

Visualize data on-demand: Visualize multiple parameters, identify correlations, analyze the impact on the battery’s performance. Edison Analytics lets the user drill down for an in-depth understanding and interpretation of the data. Adding multiple metrics as overlays on the graph, make it easier to understand and find errors.

Use Tags to group your assets: Tags simplify asset grouping. Each asset could have multiple tags, which act as an anchor during surveillance. Fleet operators can draw comparisons between the performance of each asset group with that of the overall fleet. Assets can be tagged by location, capacity, vehicle type, vendor, etc.

With highly customizable dashboards & custom alerts, Edison Analytics is delivering business improvements in all stages of the battery life cycle. The platform is enabling EVs & ESS providers to understand battery behavior, identify patterns and internal and external factors that impact performance.

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