2nd December 2020

Altergo: Battery Intelligence & Analytics Platform

battery intelligence

Featured Image: Intelligent Dispatch Optimization

The 'Transfer of Power'

As the world transitions to electric storage grids that are powered by renewable sources of energy, energy storage has become ever so significant. With the increasing penetration of renewables, independent power providers (IPP) are looking at using various types of storage systems, including Electrochemical (battery energy storage), Mechanical, Chemical, etc., to store all the power generated by renewables.

In the energy transformation process, grid-level energy storage systems play a vital role in balancing power generation and utilization. Among popular battery technologies, lithium-ion batteries have a sizeable potential for grid-level energy storage systems.

This increase in demand is due to their rapid response, modularization, and highly flexible installation. Lithium-ion batteries exhibit high energy efficiency, long cycle life, relatively high energy density, and high scalability – multiple BESS connected in parallel to form large energy farms with storage capacities over 1GWh.

The ubiquitous data availability, combined with enormous computing power, has enabled us to capture and store battery asset data using battery management systems (BMS). ION’s BMS has 300+ sensors, captures data in real-time, interfaces seamlessly with battery intelligence platforms to analyze and keep the battery safe and functional.

Need for Battery Intelligence

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Not long ago, this data could only be accessed manually, i.e., human intervention. With ION’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU), the battery asset directly syncs with our battery intelligence platform,  Altergo.

Altergo’s advanced battery simulations and state-of-the-art algorithms understand battery ‘behavior’ and prevent the BESS from facing issues such as over/under-voltage, over-current, and overheating. Such BESS issues lead to abnormal degradation, catch fire or leak toxic and combustible gases that are harmful to people and our environment.

Our mission is to maximize independent power producers’ net revenue by protecting the battery from abnormal degradation, improving its efficiency, and minimizing downtime. In the present day, every BESS provider faces at least one of the problems, if not all, and as a result, they see a significant drop in their net revenues.

Altergo’s state-of-the-art cloud technology processes millions of data points per second. It provides real-time data, visualizations, and custom dashboards used to isolate problems for more in-depth analysis. With the rise of the Internet-of-Things, it has become effortless to remotely monitor, analyze, and manage battery assets in real-time.


Altergo is built keeping in mind the problems faced by Independent Power Providers. The following are major features of Edison: 

  • System Visibility, Status & Health
  • Intelligent Dispatch Optimization (ISO/RTO)
  • Asset Management & Optimization
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • Warranty Validation
  • Smart Alerts

System Visibility, Status & Health

asset visibility

A typical BESS site comprises hundreds or thousands of battery packs (depending on the storage capacity), making it extremely difficult to monitor every single battery pack and cell for monitoring and maintenance.

Keeping the operational challenges in mind, Edison monitors the battery assets 24×7 and keeps a check on its operating status and health. It analyzes data from cell-level to site-level, identifies damaged cells/modules in real-time, identifies potential problems such as threshold violations, and helps prevent degradation.

Altergo enables BESS operators to work remotely and avoid injury or fatality during failures such as fires, explosions, or toxic gas leaks.

Intelligent Dispatch Optimization (ISO/RTO)

Intelligent Dispatch

Altergo intelligent dispatch strategies recommend the right proposal based on the BESS providers’ needs – increased revenues, minimum degradation, or balanced dispatch. The dispatch strategies are ‘tweaked’ based on market conditions, weather, and asset data to increase net profits.

Altergo runs state-of-the-art dispatch simulations to recommend the optimum number of cycles with minimum degradation to improve power providers’ net revenues. Altergo also provides weekly forecasting with the best time for dispatch and has hourly optimizations to capitalize on the market demand.

Apart from energy forecasting, Altergo also has degradation control, which measures and compares the SoC, C-rates, and temperature based on the proposed dispatch versus the recommended dispatch values.

Asset Management & Optimization

Altergo monitors and analyzes all the battery parameters – from cell-level to site-level – and provides degradation & SoH analyses. Edison monitors various operating conditions such as overtemperature, overcurrent, cell balancing, over- & under-voltage conditions. Altergo also sends alerts for threshold violations that help prevent cell damage, abnormal degradation, and control overheating due to higher C-rates.

Digital Twin Technology

Altergo uses state-of-the-art battery modeling algorithms for Li-ion battery state estimation. Edison uses the battery information to create a virtual replica of the physical asset, known as a Digital Twin.

These battery algorithms use a blend of physics-based, empirical and mathematical modeling approaches to understand the battery assets and provide battery diagnostics, state estimation; degradation prevention; intelligent dispatch recommendations; and visualizations while keeping the asset safe and functional.

Smart Alerts

smart alerts

Altergo lets you set Smart Alerts for entire battery energy storage systems, battery racks, battery packs, cell modules as well as specific cells. Real-time alerts are sent to asset managers to monitor and alert them for potential threshold/warranty violations due to various operating conditions.

Smart Alerts are rule-based alerts that indicate malfunctions or violations in the battery asset. Edison alerts the asset manager, even if a single parameter can be potentially responsible for the battery asset’s performance degradation.

Warranty Validation

Altergo keeps track of all the possible warranty violations based on warranty terms and notifies the asset manager as soon as any violations occur. Altergo sets thresholds for various warranty-bound parameters, which helps smoothen the warranty claim process.

Note: Warranty conditions act similarly to smart alerts.

Why Choose Edison Analytics?

As battery pack manufacturers and independent power producers face the uncertainty of battery degradation, Altergo plays a pivotal role in bringing out never-before-seen insights about the battery’s behavior for various operating conditions and environments. Altergo helps optimize the BESS and, as a result, improves the life and performance of the battery asset while maximizing revenues.

Until a few months ago, Altergo captured and processed ~26 million data points every day, in real-time. Now, with the latest performance update, Edison processes the battery asset data 50x faster!

With the help of faster data ingestion and advanced proprietary optimization algorithms, Altergo leverages the massive amount of data collected to create stunning visualizations and bring out valuable insights that improve the battery’s life and performance and, consequently, increase net revenues of battery asset owners.

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