Power Management: FSB-B

fsbb power management unit


The FSB-B is an integrated Power Distribution Unit that works with the FS-LT Smart Battery Management System. It’s solid-state relay based power delivery channel protects the battery against a load-side short circuit. The FSB-B consists of a Hall Effect Current Sensor, Pre-Charge Circuitry and Mosfets. It can be easily connected to the FS-LT with a specially designed wire harness kit.


  • Protects the battery against overload or short circuit
  • Reports short circuit error or terminal removal conditions to the BMS through the onboard digital channel


  • Built with precharge circuitry to protect the battery pack against inrush current from capacitive (6mF) loads
  • Onboard sensor to measure PDU temperature
  • Onboard unipolar, bidirectional 0 to 3.3V output, thermally-enhanced and fully integrated hall-effect current sensor that can measure currents up to ± 200A
  • Isolated input for driving the mosfets and sensors


  • Swappable Battery Systems
  • Electric 2 & 3 Wheelers
  • UPS/Backup Battery Systems

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