Power Management: FSB-B




The FSB-B is an integrated Power Distribution Unit that works with the FS-LT Smart Battery Management System. It’s solid-state relay based power delivery channel protects the battery against a load-side short circuit. The maximum allowed voltage is 63V and it comes in two variants, based on the maximum current it can support, 40Amps (FSB-B-40) and 70 Amps (FSB-B-70) respectively.

The FSB-B consists of a Hall Effect Current Sensor, Pre-Charge Circuitry and Mosfets. It can be easily connected to the FS-LT with a specially designed wire harness kit.


Connect/Disconnect the battery from the external
    application based on BMS commands.
Enable the BMS to control the charge discharge and
    precharge paths.
>  Report short circuit state to the BMS ensuring battery safety.
Report the raw current value to the BMS.
Report the temperature of the PDU to the BMS


Low energy profile
Supports one unipolar, bidirectional 0 to 3.3V output,
    thermally-enhanced and fully integrated hall-effect current
    sensor with a 100uOhm current conductor. It can measure
    currents up to ± 200A.
On board pre-charge channel with capability to precharge
    3.5mF load capacitance.
Solid state relay based power delivery channel with anti-
    series combination of Power Mosfets.
Isolated input for driving the MOSFETs and sensors.
1 onboard temperature sensor
1 digital channel for PDU error reporting for any short circuit
    error or terminal removal conditions.


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