Battery Management Systems Engineered for Reliability.

Battery Management Systems (BMS), also known as the “brain” of the battery, are responsible for the efficiency, safety, and longevity of Lithium-ion batteries. Important functions of the BMS include state identification, ensuring balanced charge cycles, measuring cell voltages, etc.

battery management systems
Battery Management Systems: FS-LT & FS-XT (L-R)

Optimized for Automotive Applications

ION Energy’s high-quality software and modular hardware ensure fail-safe operations and protection to the battery against overcharge, ​thermal discharge and overcurrent.

This is why ION’s li-ion Battery Management Systems, as you’re reading this, are being used in over 25,000 batteries in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and telecommunication towers globally.

Reliable & Versatile Communication Protocols

ION’s BMS comes with two CAN Bus interfaces, one for internal BMS communication, and the other one for external communication, this gives it a clean architecture. This isolation ensures higher uptime, regardless of the peripheral equipment and interfaces. The BMS is also integrated with Bluetooth to communicate with the telematics gateway.

The i-Praise Electric Scooter by Okinawa Motors features our state of the art Battery Management Technology

Low Cost & High Quality

ION’s technology directly impacts companies by helping them save up to 40% on electronics. The industry being in its nascent stage, tier 1 & 2 automotive OEMs look for high-quality BMSs at a very competitive cost, and ION has managed to strike an optimum balance between low cost and high quality.

Unbelievably Scalable Architecture

ION’s BMS has been designed to be scalable and dynamically cascaded in a master-slave architecture to power a wide range of applications, from 2-wheeler EVs (12V) to electric excavators (xV) to a micro-grid storage system (1080V).

edison analytics

The i-Praise Electric Scooter by Okinawa Motors features our state of the art Battery Management Technology

Intelligent Battery Management Systems

Our smart BMS can easily be interfaced with our battery intelligence platform – Altergo, which provides intelligent insights, real-time analytics, custom alerts and the capability to operate remotely, ensuring a hassle-free experience.



“A compact and cost-effective BMS designed for low-voltage mobile applications”


“An advanced BMS with high feature density. Meticulously designed using a stackable architecture.”



“A potent BMS having ridiculous precision and reliability. Perfectly designed for automotive and high precision applications.”


State of Charge(SOC) Estimation

When it comes SOC Estimation, no single approach is the best. We have conducted successful internal & collaborative research to describe “Standard Cycling tests” for BMS benchmarking, and innovative techniques to improve SOC accuracy in various situations.​

  • Coulomb Counting
  • Continuous voltage recalibration
  • Proprietary OCV estimation algorithms with confidence estimators
  • Rate of Discharge
  • Temperature
  • Conditional steady state consumption (Soc overestimation compensation)

State of Health(SOH) Estimation

We have developed SOH predictive algorithms based on extensive research. These algorithms are highly reconfigurable and compatible with over the air updates.

  • Predictive Aging
  • Continuous recalibration


Paralleling,a commonly asked feature, is very difficult to achieve with lithium-ion batteries. However we’ve gathered the know- how when working on a hybrid vehicle project for Airbus Defense & Space in 2014. Our entire BMS line-up now supports Paralleling.

  • Use upto 18 Batteries in Parallel
  • Hot Swappable Architecture

Cell Balancing

In collaboration with our Host laboratory, our internal research allows us to reduce the size of the required balancing resistors by a factor of 6. Our balancing capabilities are therefore two times superior to the rest of the competition.

Communication Capabilities

Most battery applications do not require “A dashboard”. The Bluetooth Low Energy on the BMS relays information regarding the battery’s status to Altergo which can be accessed by the end-user. This removes the need for a dedicated custom wired display.

Data Logging

Our no-compromise approach to battery management mandates that every second of the battery life should be recorded. Normally this would lead to enormous amounts of data, but we’ve developed tailored compression algorithms that reduce the memory & communication bandwidth required for storage and retrieval by a factor of twenty.​

  • Journal + Life statistics
  • Logging of all physical parameters,events and errors every second.
  • Min/Max Abnormal physical parameters (up to 10.000kHz bandwidth)

Over the Air Updates

Using our Battery Intelligence Platform, Altergo we are able to send over the air updates to the BMS. This feature is indispensable when it comes to improving battery life by optimizing the BMS configuration in real-time.

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