Maximise BESS Profitability With Data Analytics

Edison Analytics helps utility-scale BESS investors and owners improve the profitability of their portfolio. Realtime data analysis and simulations improve dispatch revenues, while also maintaining the health and efficiency of batteries so that the assets are put to best use over long term

Edison BESS Strategy Planning

  • Energy Dispatch and Battery Degradation Simulations work in sync to figure out an optimized BESS Strategy
  • Recommends per day cycling, resting SoC, temperature control, program mix and dispatch schedules
  • Uses operational data from batteries and market data from ISOs/RTOs
edison analytics BESS strategy planning
BESS dispatch optimization

Edison BESS Dispatch Optimizer

  • Edison uses predictive price and load models in sync with battery status to provide dispatch recommendations in real time
  • API integrations, alerts and dashboards make it easy to control and optimise operations efficiently

Edison BESS Predictive Maintenance

  • Edison monitors battery status down to the cell level in real time
  • Alerts for exceptions, warranty violations or potential issues
  • Enables timely preventive action to prevent damages or accidents
BESS predictive maintenance

esVolta selects Edison for its 600 MWh portfolio in California

Edison Analytics esVolta

esVolta is a leading developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale battery energy storage projects in North America. The company’s projects participate in the capacity, energy arbitrage and ancillary services markets, acting as an operating reserve that can quickly be dispatched to ensure sufficient generation to meet load demands. esVolta has a contracted portfolio of 581 MWh of energy storage projects, with a total pipeline in development in excess of 2,000 MWh.

Get Your Free Degradation Analysis

BESS degradation report

We absolutely love batteries and really care about your BESS projects, and to prove it, the Edison Analytics team will analyze your battery data for free. You will receive a detailed report on the State of Health (SoH) and degradation of an operational BESS site – including the key culprits behind the degradation, and recommendations on what you can do to recover or maintain the health and longevity of your CapEx intensive BESS portfolio.

Get a Free Degradation Report