Batteries will never be the same again

Introducing Edison Analytics

Edison Analytics is enabling battery pack makers, electric fleet managers, OEMs, and ESS providers across the world to acquire better ROI through all stages of the battery lifecycle.

​The full-stack advanced battery management and intelligence SaaS platform solution blend advanced electronics and machine learning with deep domain expertise in energy storage.

edison analytics dashboard

Advanced Battery Lifecycle Management Platform


Simplify the planning, designing and testing of your batteries. Reduce your time to market and accelerate your battery deployments


Get alerted of any possible downtime with Edison’s predictive maintenance algorithms and take timely action


Edison’s AI platform suggests corrective measures to prevent battery degradation and improve battery life by upto 40%

Using AI to improve Battery Life by 40%

Using Artificial Intelligence, Edison Analytics maps out the battery’s residual life.

​The advanced algorithms identifies reasons for battery degradation and suggests corrective measures to extend its life.

Get Real-Time Alerts

With Edison Analytics, monitor large scale battery deployments with ease.

Edison’s custom dashboard provides you with the information you need
Get alerted of any abnormal battery performance and take timely action!

Reduce Time to Market

With 100 different materials and 1000 different vendors to choose from, building a battery is time-consuming.
Reduce time to market with Edison Analytics.

Simulate your battery requirements on Edison and get recommendations on the material and vendor to use.

Edison helps companies build & manage Intelligent Batteries

Edison Analytics blends data processing and machine learning to predict the health of a battery while also processing many of the standard BMS functions optimally. We believe we will be able to leverage Edison to identify, predict and troubleshoot, preventing delays and errors, before and after deployment.

Clinton Bemont - CEO, Maxwell & Spark