Leverage Data Science + ML to improve asset life and performance

Altergo leverages data science and machine learning to extract value from data collected by New Energy Assets.
Not just beautiful visuals, Altergo delivers an impact on RoI, and enables companies to make data-driven decisions to improve asset life and performance.

Battery Health is no longer a black box

Batteries are highly susceptible to premature aging in EVs and contribute 30%+ variation in TCO. Customers use Altergo’s pre-built SoH model to get a real-time lens into the battery health.

Warranty Management

Validate Warranty Claims and Violations

Altergo helps OEMs ensure validation of warranty and identify potential targets to upsell extended warranty packages. It also helps owners and operators manage their fleet and prevent violations with preemptive alerts.

Predictive Maintainance

Failure Prevention & Replacement Planning

Measure probability of failures in systems weeks in advance using predictive sensor health and failure modes. Setup advanced alerts and reporting mechanisms to improve visibility into asset performance and prevent failures. Track asset life and plan for timely replacements to avoid downtime.

Anomaly Detection

Faulty sensors and inaccurate models can lead to anomalies in the data which corrupt the data and make it impossible to reliably make decisions. Altergo’s prebuilt Anomaly detection algorithms identify and eliminate such anomalies to create trust in the system.

Performance Benchmarking

Expected performance on the field can differ from those modeled in the lab. On Altergo, you can create blueprints of contracts signed and use real data to measure performance. Results can be reported to key stakeholders to understand unit economics and operational efficiency.

Charger Management

Fleet uptime relies on speed and time of charging. Customers use Altergo to simulate the efficiency of their infra based on of charging stations and speed. They also manage the time of charging to optimize energy costs.

“Altergo (previously Edison) helps us keep an eye on the operational and financial perfomance of our portfolio. While scaling up, we felt the need for a data analytics platform that was developed, keeping the needs of a BESS business in mind, and that’s where Altergo fit in perfectly”
Randolph Mann
President - esVolta

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