An Advanced Battery Management System Designed
For High-Voltage Applications

System Management Unit

Battery Monitoring Unit


FS-XT is a distributed Battery Management system designed for High Voltage battery systems that are built using multiple smaller battery modules connected in series or parallel. The system consists of a Master unit and can connect upto 40 Slave units. Each Slave unit can monitor from 6 to 18 cells in series.
The slave units communicate with Master over the state of the art isoSPI protocol without the need of a processor. The Master unit runs advanced SOC and SOH algorithms to provide accurate system information. It supports 2 current sensing channels, real time clock circuitry, configurable input and output ports, temperature sensing channels and can drive up to 6 external relays. It also comes with premium safety features suitable for automotive and storage applications like support for insulation monitoring device, system interlock monitoring, contactor weld detection and system communication with isolated CAN.



High-Power Electric
and Hybrid vehicles


Industrial Energy
Storage Systems (ESS)

Backup Battery



◆   Isolation Rating of 1kV at system level
◆   Contactor Weld Detection
◆   System Interlock Monitoring
◆   Support for Insulation Monitoring Device


◆   Smart Passive Balancing Algorithm with a max. balancing Current of 420mA 
◆   Operational Temperature range -40°C to 85°C
◆   Accurate State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimation for different cell chemistries
◆   Capable of being used as a building block of a bigger Power Network of multiple such BMS Systems connected in       series or parallel
◆   Easily Customisable features like additional temperature measurements, current sensor, higher balancing                     current, heater, etc.
◆   Sleep Mode Current of less than 10uA per Slave Board

Configuration and Data Management

◆   Stackable architecture based on Master (SMU) slave (BMU) configuration.
◆   Bluetooth 4.1 BLE monitoring capabilities with real time Data Visualisation on Companion Mobile App
◆   High resistance to EMI and increased accuracy.
◆   Up to 20 years of data history on an 8GB micro SD card
◆   Compatible with Desktop based CAN based tools for system configuration, real time data visualisation
◆   Compatible with Edison Analytics for advanced Data Visualisation and Analytics

BMS System Specifications

Master Specifications

Slave Specifications

Typical FS-XT Application

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