Battery Management System


◆   Light Electric and Hybrid vehicles, motorcycles, cooters, 3 wheelers
◆   Stationary Industrial and Home Storage
◆   Backup Battery Systems


◆   Stackable architecture based on slave boards
◆   Support multiple battery chemistries and supercapacitors      
◆   State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimations based on advanced algorithms
◆  Watchdogs and self-diagnostics safety systems    
◆  CAN bus 2.0 A&B interface for charger control and system interfacing
◆  Bluetooth 4.1 BLE monitoring capabilities with the Android app FreeView           

Cutting-Edge, Safe, Compact

◆   Each board manages from 6 to 25 cells in series 
◆   Scalable Up to 1080V battery pack (Up to 340 cells in series)  
◆   Detection of 17 errors and 18 events on the battery and the BMS  
◆   Real-time monitoring and logging of more than 61 variables  
◆   Stores up to 20 years of data history on 8GB micro SD card 
◆   More than 130 configurable parameters to tune the behavior of the BMS
◆   600µA supply current in power saving mode
◆   Embedded passive balancing up to 147mA per cell
◆   Upto 2 onboard temperature sensors and 5 thermistor(NTC) inputs for external sensing

General Specifications

Typical 48V Application 

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