Battery Lifecycle Management Platform

Predict, manage and improve the life of lithium-ion batteries with Edison Analytics. 
Leverage data science, machine learning & digital twin to access real-time battery Intelligence insights.

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The EDISON Experience

Edison Analytics is enabling battery pack makers, electric fleet managers, OEMs, and ESS providers across the world to acquire better ROI through all stages of the battery lifecycle.


The full-stack advanced battery management and intelligence SaaS platform solution blend advanced electronics and machine learning with deep domain expertise in energy storage. 

Electric Fleet Managers

  Analyze battery data to optimize the fleet of batteries

  ML helps prevent abnormal battery degradation 

  Timely recommendations to ensure higher uptime

Battery Pack Manufacturers

  Leverage analytics for faster cell selection

  Predict residual life and process warranties

✓  Use simulations for pre-deployment testing

ESS Providers

Visualize real-time battery performance

Predict residual battery capacity and output

✓ ​Get actionable insights to improve battery life

Automotive OEMs

Reduce the overall cost of ownership

Prescriptive analytics helps fix delays and errors

Use ML to accurately estimate battery capacity


How Edison helped a leading French

e-bike manufacturer to launch a range of high-performance e-bikes

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At ION, we believe that technology needs to be developed keeping in mind the domain and the business. By applying unique battery domain knowledge to technologies like data analytics, simulations, and machine learning, we are accelerating the transition of businesses to an all-electric future.

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