"In 2020, I was analysing data to..."

40 years from now, when your grandchildren ask you what you were doing in 2020, will your answer be "I was optimising the click through rate on shoe ads", or will it be "I was solving the world's energy problem"?


Who we are?

ION Energy is helping the planet transition to an all-electric future.


We do this by making electric vehicle fleets and energy storage systems more efficient leveraging the huge amount of data generated by Lithium Ion batteries inside of them.


As a company, we stand for data driven decision making, both internally and externally, and the hiring process too is driven by data. We believe that the biggest change in business will be made by smart data analysts in the coming years, and we want to be the company where they work. Because it is a better use of their talent than optimising ad clicks 🙂

We are based in Mumbai and Grenoble, France, with customers in EU, US and India. You can dig around this website to take a look at what we do, or check our glassdoor review here

How do we work?

We see a lot of waste in how work is done conventionally:

  • Waste in poor communication of what is the job to be done

  • Waste in poorly executed work and fixing it later

  • Waste in travelling and in meetings

  • Waste in unnecessary supervision and reporting

We don't want you to get distracted by any of these. Just focus on what you love to do - play with data and make something useful.. We can together build a better company, a better product and a better planet, leveraging the power of data analytics, software, and just pure logical thinking.

Do you believe in this way of working? Do you think it will make a difference to your life if you do? If so, keep reading

Fair caution:  We work long hours and sometimes we get exhausted. But we end up building something cool, and we feel like we accomplished something worthy. If you have ever had this feeling, you will know what we are talking about. Otherwise, well...

What is the job?

  • The Data Analyst will be someone who has experience in using python to analyse large volumes of battery data

  • The data in our case comes from the batteries inside of electric vehicles or energy storage systems

  • The Data Analyst will take hypotheses from the CTO and Product Manager and test them out using real datasets (example: CTO asks to check if there is a correlation between customer's battery bank "efficiency" and "impedance")

  • If hypothesis is proved to be correct, Data Analyst will share his report with CTO (example  - "here is the correlation value, and the scatter plot between "efficiency" and "impedance")

  • If CTO or product manager find the report insightful, the python script used by data analyst is merged into the cloud SaaS product called Edison Analytics

  • PS: You don't need to be a battery expert, but a background in electrical engineering will help you understand the data faster, otherwise there are plenty of people in the company to help you with battery domain knowledge

  • We are located in different offices in India and France. You can work remotely from your own home. 

What's the next step?

Sorry, this role is no longer accepting applications. We received the requisite number of applications already.

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