High-Performance, Efficient & Scalable BMS for Passenger & Commercial Electric Vehicles

Having low energy costs, less noise and high energy efficiency, passenger & commercial electric vehicles such as fleets, rentals, electric busses, off-road EVs, etc. have rapidly started replacing IC engine vehicles.

However, handling such high-voltage applications becomes a challenge for the battery pack. A smart battery management system, such as the FS-XT, which is scalable and designed to manage high-voltage applications with ease is needed.

The FS-XT has high-voltage Safety features such as IMD Integration, HV Interlock Lines, HV Measurement Channels, Weld Check, etc.

passenger & commercial electric vehicles

Modular & Scalable Architecture

A modular approach to battery management helps customize and design the BMS for the required application. Small battery modules are connected in series or parallel for high voltage battery systems depending on the use-case.

ION uses a distributed and scalable architecture for its BMS. The FS-XT consists of the System Management Unit (SMU), and the Battery Management Unit (BMU). It has a Master-Slave architecture with the SMU being the Master and BMU being the Salve.

The SMU manages the whole battery pack as well as the BMUs. On the other hand, the BMUs manage individual cell modules. Each BMU can monitor 6 to 18 cells in series, and up to 40 BMUs can be connected to the SMU, and 6 SMUs can be interfaced together making it effortlessly scalable to handle applications ranging from 9V to 900V.

Safety & Protection

Apart from the basic safety and protection measures such as over- & under-voltage, and over- & under-temperature is driven by the Analog-front-end (AFE) while the current measurement is done by the current sensor. The FS-XT also offers premium safety features for automotive applications.

High voltage battery packs used in off-road or commercial or passenger vehicles can prove to be highly dangerous for humans and other electronic equipment nearby (PS: Anything more than 60V qualifies as high voltages and can be a safety risk).

System interlock monitoring, contactor weld detection, insulation monitoring device support, and system communication using isolated CAN bus in the FS-XT ensure fail-safe operations of the battery pack.

Smart & Connected!

Only safety and protection is not enough to manage a battery. Since batteries contribute to almost 40% of the total cost of owning an electric vehicle (EV), ION has added communication features to that log every second of data. This data can be accessed through a CAN Connection, 2G/3G Module and Bluetooth. Our software platforms allow engineers to access this data and extract learnings to improve battery and application designs:

ION Lens - The BMS Companion App

  Companion smartphone application used to interface
     remotely with ION Energy BMS via Bluetooth
  View critical information of the battery like SOC, current,
     temperature and individual cell voltages 
  View, edit and update the configuration files of the BMS

Altergo - Cloud Battery Analytics Platform

  Advanced analytics and insight into your fleet from a single
  Get alerted of any abnormal battery performance and take
     timely action
—  Uses data science to suggest corrective measures to prevent
     battery degradation and improve battery life by 40%
  Roll out over-the-air (OTA) updates and feature additions to
     the BMS over the cloud

Customizable & Configurable

A model-based-design approach allows users to configure the BMS on Altergo to match the application’s requirements with the battery’s capabilities. Users can customize 200+ parameters relating to power distribution, ignition controls, balancing, charger control and much more.


Commercial and passenger vehicles require battery packs up to 200kWh. Paralleling just 2 batteries together is a challenge for the BMS.

A large amount of circulating current flows between two high-voltage battery packs with different voltages which can potentially damage the packs. Due to this, the FS-XT does not only support paralleling for 2 batteries but up to 18 batteries. It also ensures that batteries are connected in parallel only when their voltages are similar.

High-Performance Every Time

As manufacturers push the boundaries with all-electric versions of commercial & passenger vehicles, our battery management platform is designed to deliver high performance, every single time.

The FS-XT BMS runs advanced SOC and SOH algorithms to provide accurate system information. It supports two current sensing channels, real-time clock (RTC) circuitry, configurable I/O ports, temperature sensing channels and drives up to 8 external relays. It also features a smart passive balancing algorithm with a maximum balancing current of 420mA.

Utilize ION’s battery management platform to build a high-performing e-scooter/rickshaw battery pack with long battery life.


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