India’s Most Reliable BMS for Electric Two & Three Wheelers

Electric 2 & 3 wheelers such as scooters and rickshaws have complex use-cases that require smarter management of their batteries. ION’s automotive-grade battery management systems have been designed to meet the requirements of next-generation electric two and three-wheelers.

electric 2 & 3 wheelers
15000 bms deployments

15000+ Deployments

Our Smart Battery Management Systems are field-proven and market ready for your applications. Designed and built with automotive grade components, our BMS has already been deployed in 15,000+ electric two & three-wheelers in India and Europe.

Safety & Protection

In addition to the basic protection measures of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and under-temperature driven by the AFE and the MCU, we’ve developed and implemented sensing circuit and testing algorithms to ensure fail-safe operations of the battery pack.

bms safety protection

Efficient Design

Typically electric scooters/rickshaws run on 48V to 60V lithium-ion battery packs with an average capacity between 1.2 to 2.5 kWh. Designed using a Modular Architecture, the FS-LT Smart Battery Management can manage applications from 12V to 110V and is compatible with multiple battery chemistries.

EMI/EMC Resistant

Our BMS has been successfully tested for EMI/EMC tests as per AIS004 guidelines. A critical requirement for electric vehicles, the FS-LT has been designed to be resistant to electromagnetic disturbances and function safely in environments with heavy electrical noise.

emi emc resistant

Smart & Connected!

A simple protector is not enough! Batteries form an important and expensive component of the end application. That’s why our BMS is equipped with memory storage to log every second of battery life. Our software platforms allow engineers to access this data and extract learnings to improve battery and application designs:

ion lens bms edison analytics

ION Lens - The BMS Companion App

Companion smartphone application used to interface remotely with ION Energy BMS via Bluetooth

  View critical information of the battery like SOC, current, temperature and individual cell voltages
  View, edit and update the configuration files of the BMS

Altergo - Battery Analytics Platform

  Advanced analytics and insight into your fleet from a single dashboard
  Get alerted of any abnormal battery performance and take timely action
—  Uses data science to suggest corrective measures to prevent battery degradation and improve battery life by 40%
  Roll out over-the-air (OTA) updates and feature additions to the BMS over the cloud

customizeable configurable bms

Customizable & Configurable

Our battery management platform is designed using a model-based-design approach. This allows users to configure the BMS on Altergo based on their application’s requirements. Users can customize over 200 parameters relating to power distribution, ignition controls, balancing, charger control and much more.


Majority OEMs are opting for swappable and portable battery packs for their electric scooter and rickshaws. This has a lot of advantages like fast recharge of the packs together with packing more capacity into the scooter. However, connecting 2 or more batteries of like voltages and capacities together is a challenge for the BMS. We’ve specially designed and built independent algorithms to enable our BMS to support Paralleling of not just 2 but up to 18 batteries.

longer battery life 2 and 3 wheeler

Get Longer Battery Life!

On average, li-ion batteries last for 800-1000 charge/discharge cycles before their health starts to deteriorate. For an electric scooter that translates to 10000-15000km which isn’t much!

Using continuous data generated from our deployments, we’ve been able to generate data equivalent to over 3 million km of cumulative rides under various weather conditions. The know-how gained from this has been built into our BMS platform in the form of algorithms to prevent possible deterioration of the battery cell and extend its life.

Utilize ION’s battery management platform to build a high-performing e-scooter/rickshaw battery pack with long battery life.


Smart Battery Management System



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